Interested In Participating In

Phoenix Caribbean Carnival 2023?

If you are looking for a unique opportunity to market your product or service to a market that is open to try new things or build upon old ones, then you have come to the right place. Phoenix and is uniquely poised to be the right PLACE to promote your idea, Memorial Day Weekend is potentially the right TIME to position it a targeted group of PEOPLE. With all these elements put in place for you, all that’s left is for you to show up and show off what you have to offer!

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2023 Vendor Packet

The Arizona Carnival and Festival (ACAF) would like to invite you to become a vendor at the 9th Annual Arizona Caribbean Carnival. Our theme this year is “The Wonderful World of Masquerade!” The Arizona Caribbean Carnival Village is the main attraction for families during the Caribbean Carnival Weekend and is open to all vendors (food, sales, informational). This is a great opportunity to showcase your products and services to a large captive audience.ettings.

2023 Volunteer Packet

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 8th Annual Arizona Caribbean Carnival 2020!  Volunteers are the backbone of any large festival.  The difference between a good volunteer experience and a great one is whether or not volunteers have a great time while they are working for the event.  This will be a FUN event!  Come expecting to have an exceptionally great time while working for a good cause.

2023 Parade Packet

We Want You…
…to participate in the 9th Annual Arizona Caribbean Carnival 2020 Parade!  Whether you are a masquerade band, amusical group, a dance troop, a civic organization, car or motorcycle club, horse unit, or cultural group, your participation is equally important so please submit your paperwork at your earliest convenience to ensure your spot in the parade and a first-class production.