Consists of a number of consecutive days of events (all sorts of Parties, Activities and Events), with the highlight being a BIG Parade called a “Mas Parade”.


(aka… “Playing Mas”) This is the “Main” Event for a Caribbean Carnival. The parade will be made up of different sections/groups called “Bands”. Each “Band” (“Mas Band”) will have their own unique costumes which will differentiate that section/group from other section/groups. That “Band” will also have their own DJ and music which will be played through a PA System either on the back of a truck or on a trailer being pulled by a truck. The participants in each section/group are called “Masqueraders”. The Mas Bands will line up on the day of the Parade, with the truck supplying their music going first, followed by all of the “Masqueraders”. The Music that the DJs will be playing is all SOCA and the Masqueraders will be dancing along the parade route through downtown Phoenix.


This is a party, held at a specific venue, where everyone is encouraged to bring a Flag from their Caribbean Country, or their Country (doesn’t necessarily have to be a Caribbean County), or it could be a flag of a Country that they just like. People will bring flags ranging in size from small, like on a little stick, to “Bandana” size and larger. Besides bringing a flag, a lot of people will “wear” a flag, like on their head as a bandana, around their neck or arm/leg, or even as a halter top, dress or skirt. Some people will even paint a flag on some part of their body. The Music for a FLAGPARTY is all SOCA  with people dancing non-stop from the time the party starts until the time it ends…


This is a party, held at a specific venue, where everyone is encouraged to wear “white”, preferably all white (If not all white, as much white as possible). Just like the Flagparty, the Music for a “WHITE PARTY” is all SOCA and again, people will be dancing non-stop from the time the party starts, until the time it ends…


This is a designated area that will have vendors selling food, crafts and other products along with some entertainment (DJs, Musical Bands, Etc.).