Hailing From Across The Sea, We Are Caribbean Strong

The Arizona Carnival and Festivals (ACAF) is a nonprofit corporation in the state of Arizona and a Federal 501(c)3. The vision of ACAF is to create synergy among the people and cultural organizations that share our islands’ art forms, music, dance and cuisine. We invite all to embrace, experience and enjoy the rich cultural heritage and history of the Caribbean through our social events which in turn support our philanthropic, educational and mentoring programs

The main focus of the organization is to create, promote and foster Caribbean Arts and Multiculturalism by bridging the untapped talents and Culture with the people Arizona and beyond.

In March 2011, like-minded individuals with a passion for Caribbean culture formed the Caribbean American Phoenix Carnival Association of Arizona (CAPAZ). CAPAZ was formed to help bring together all people of Caribbean heritage and those that wish to learn more about or share in the experience of all things Caribbean. Phoenix Caribbean Carnival was then created to be the flagship event that brought together major elements of this heritage and presented it to the city of Phoenix and its inhabitants. Over time, the Carnival has grown to involve many people around Arizona and beyond. In order to be more inclusive an promote a brand that unites all cities, the Arizona Carnival and Festivals (ACAF) was formed. Now, ACAF continues to bring Caribbean traditions to Arizona and hosts several events throughout the year inclusive of a Carnival Parade, Carnival Village, and Caribbean Picnic and Masquerade Band (troupe) launch.

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